Got Bouncy Castle Hire Questions?

There are a few bouncy castle hire questions that crop up time and time again. We hope you have found all the information you need to book a bouncy castle but if not, perhaps the frequently asked questions below will help.

Bouncy Castle Hire Questions

1. How much space is needed for the castle?
This depends on the size of the castle you are hiring but generally you will need a clear area of at least 2ft wider and higher and at least 6 feet longer than the castle you are hiring. The ground should be quite level and no sharp bushes or objects should be near enough to come into contact with the castle. Height is usually the main problem for indoor venues.
2. How far away will you deliver a Bouncy Castle?
We deliver throughout Scunthorpe, Grimsby, Lincoln and surrounding areas, including Brigg, Winterton, Kirton Lindsey, Hemswell Cliff, Crowle, Barton etc. and the villages surrounding those towns. If in doubt, call and we will do our best to meet your requirements. We deliver our Rodeo Bull to Grimsby, Scunthorpe, Hull, Sheffield, Leeds, Rotherham, Doncaster, Lincoln, Gainsborough, Brigg, Crowle, Cleethorpes and Louth.
3. What methods of payment do you accept?
You can pay by either cash or cheque. Cheques must be cleared before day of delivery so for this method advanced payment is necessary.
4. What are the age limits on the castles?
Our children’s castles are made for children 12 and under and this is dictated to us by our insurers. We do however have several castles that can be hired out for adults or whole families.
5. Do I need to pay a deposit on a bouncy castle?
No! We take people on their word. All we ask is that if you need to cancel a booking then you do so as soon as possible.
6. How do I book a Bouncy Castle?
You can phone us on 07748 652 292. There is an answer phone in case no one can take your call so please leave a message and we will always get back to you. Alternatively,  you can use our online booking form or email us directly on rob@thebouncycastleco.co.uk and your booking will be confirmed by email. At busy times (e.g. weekends) the confirmation may take a couple of days to come through as we process all of our enquiries personally.
7. What do I need to supply?
Just a 240 volts mains supply power point. Everything else is supplied and is included in the hire costs.
8. Are you insured?
We have full public liability insurance. Unless we are supervising the castle, the insurance does not provide you with any cover for injuries caused by neglect or incorrect supervision of the hirer or for any damage caused to our castles (this is standard with all hire companies). The Rodeo rides are fully insured too. We operate these so it is total cover. A copy of our insurance can be shown to any client or venue, before the event commences.
9. Can the castles go on concrete or tarmac?
There is no reason why not as far as the castle is concerned. A ground sheet is always provided. However the child’s safety is the hirers concern. We always supply crash mats. Please tell us if your castle will not be sited on grass.
10. What happens on the day of hire?
We will usually deliver and set up your castle between 7.00am and 12 noon (please ensure someone will be available between these times to take delivery). We will ensure your castle is securely pegged down and is in full working order. We will also answer any questions you may have and ask you to examine the castle for any damage. We then come and take the castle away after your party has finished, usually from 5pm onwards. If your party is in the morning or evening then delivery and pick up time can be arranged to suit you. Adult hire is usually, but not always, for the evening and so collection time is normally the next day. Overnight hire charges apply. Time can be arranged to suit you.
11.What is ‘day hire’, ‘overnight’ and ‘2 day’?
Day hire is for drop off before Midday collect between 6-8.30pm. Overnight hire is for drop off before Midday collect from 7.30am the next day. 2 day hire is for drop off before Midday collect from 5pm the next day. Should you have specific time requirements just let us know and we will do our best to meet them.

12. I have special requirements. Can you help?
We always do our best to meet your requirements. Just call and we can discuss your needs.